Work Experience: Week 5

When I arrived at REDACTED on Friday, REDACTED recommended I shift my immediate focus to the wall-mount case that would hold REDACTEDand the REDACTED,Learning Is Experience as the time required to get the expenses surrounding this item and fabrication lead time would be the restricting factor.  So I put REDACTED on hold and proceeded to calculate the minute dimensional details involved with designingREDACTED. The distance between every component must be accounted for; the framework must adequately support the mass of the finished product as well as individual components; mounting points and fasteners must be accounted for. It’s detail work…and I love it. On Monday I will be meeting with someone who can take my REDACTED and turn it intoREDACTED using Solid Works – this will allow the fabricator to load the file onto his / her computer, outputting the design directly to a robotic CNC machine.

Work Experience: Week 2

This week  @REDACTED:

I’ve begun research into the design and requirements of a ‘Test Bench System’.Learning Is Experience

The Problem:

Currently, when testing new software onREDACTED products, employees must assemble a test setup from a daunting pile of components and mangled wire. There is an no organization and a better-than-average chance of self-electrocution (well..electrocution is perhaps a bit of embellishment).

The Solution:

A Test Bench would integrateREDACTED multipleREDACTED products in an organized manner with the various components  required for testing and programming. A patch board and control panel would be responsible for powering and selecting devices for interconnection and connection with the computer.

The Scope:

I am responsible for creating a design proposal that will meet the requirements set byREDACTED. Should the design be approved, I will then proceed to procuring parts and manufacturing the final product.

More details to come in following weeks.

Work Experience

As a part of the Grade 12 Work Experience Course I’m taking at KCS, I’m required to keep a log of activity. Learning Is ExperienceNormally this comes in the form of an email to the school guidance counselor responsible for Work Experience…but why not embrace media 2.0 for such a task?

REDACTEDoffers a complete end-to-end solution for REDACTED. Their products enableREDACTED while simultaneously REDACTEDThey are the only company to design, manufacture, and sell all of these features in one integrated package – and they’re located inREDACTED

My weekly activity logs will be all kept in the Work Experience  category.