Work Experience: Week 5

When I arrived at REDACTED on Friday, REDACTED recommended I shift my immediate focus to the wall-mount case that would hold REDACTEDand the REDACTED,Learning Is Experience as the time required to get the expenses surrounding this item and fabrication lead time would be the restricting factor.  So I put REDACTED on hold and proceeded to calculate the minute dimensional details involved with designingREDACTED. The distance between every component must be accounted for; the framework must adequately support the mass of the finished product as well as individual components; mounting points and fasteners must be accounted for. It’s detail work…and I love it. On Monday I will be meeting with someone who can take my REDACTED and turn it intoREDACTED using Solid Works – this will allow the fabricator to load the file onto his / her computer, outputting the design directly to a robotic CNC machine.

Telecoms sans Frontières

In any major natural disaster, the state of critical infrastructure such as roads, electricity, and communications will play a crucial role in aiding or hindering rescue operations. State of infrastructure was one of the major differentiators between the 1989 San Francisco earthquake and last week’s Haiti disaster.

The UN organization Telecoms Sans Frontieres is prepared and equipped to respond to such disasters within three hours. Within three hours they can be on the ground anywhere in the world restoring vital communications, immediately enabling rescue teams to coordinate operations. They later provide free telephone service – stating their goal is to entitle everyone to a three minute phone call.

Telecoms sans Frontières lies at an intersection; it is a cross between my passion for communications and my desire to give where I can be of assistance. It is something I hope one day I can assist.

Rogers iPhone tethering now live

iPhone tethering is officially avaliable one day before it is supposed to be released (Friday, June 19,09) on the Rogers network in Canada. Tethering allows the iPhone (or any capable cellular phone) to act as a mobile, high speed “modem” for a laptop – wherever there is cellular service. This is truly a milestone for the Canadian wireless industry. For once wireless innovation has arrived first north of the 49th parallel.